We are your Trainers!

When you and we are tired after a communications training session, then we were collectively successful and you will have learnt a lot. This is our promise to you!

We are a well-connected communications company specialising in customized communications training. All our trainers have much practical know-how, several years’ experience and the intuition to focus on you and your requirements. With the assistance of video analyses you will make rapid progress. Another promise we will keep.

We teach communications training in English, German and French.

Marcel Juen Kommunikation Trainer


«Always formulate a positive message in one sentence. That way your audience will have a favourable impression of you. Even in a crisis!»
Marcel Juen
«Never face the camera or the microphone directly, instead face the journalist or the audience in front of you. That way you will come across as more relaxed, more authentic and more competent. »
Lukas Ninck
«Consciously focus on your strengths and competences. This fills you with energy and creates a productive atmosphere.»
Stephan Scherrer