After completing this training, you will know your routine as a presenter/moderator and how you can manage the event or panel discussion to the complete satisfaction of the audience.

  • You will learn how to inspire the audience from the start
  • You will learn how to stimulate the interlocutors and protagonists in a pleasant manner
  • You will learn how to guide the thread of the discussion through the event
  • You will learn where to seat your interlocutors on stage
  • You will learn how to manage a good interview and conduct a stimulating discussion
  • You will learn how you can actively involve the audience

Or come to us to book a presenter who will guide you through the event

Marcel Juen and Lukas Ninck will skilfully and purposefully guide you through your event.

Presentation for Radio & TV Journalists

Individual presentation and editorial or group training for Radio and TV journalists. We also offer group training and social media courses especially for those working in the media.