Negotiation & Difficult Conversation


After this training, you will know how to prepare professionally for negotiations, how to best conduct negotiations, and how to follow up on negotiations. Your training will be based on custom-made simulations with video and audio analysis.

The negotiation training will be focused on the “Harvard Negotiation Method”. If necessary, we will also train with actors.

  • You will learn how to prepare for negotiations
  • You will know the situation and power imbalance that exists
  • You will set strategic (financial) goals
  • You will train in various lines of reasoning
  • You will practice how to purposefully change the levels of argument
  • You will train how to diffuse counter arguments in concrete terms (bridging technique)
  • You will learn how to appear confident, vocally and visually
  • You will learn how to create alliances
  • You will be able to successfully complete negotiations
  • You will know how to follow up on negotiations

Difficult Conversations

Layoffs, bullying or sexual harassment at work. Delivery (logistics) or payment difficulties. After this training, you will be able to master these difficult conversations with your employees, suppliers and supervising authorities.

As a leader, you will understand a diverse range of difficult conversations that are tailored to you, your role in your company and your industry. We often train with actors.

  • You will be aware of your function and your role in the company.
  • You will know the situation of your counterpart and prepare for it.
  • You will know which locations and seating positions are appropriate for the conversation
  • You will train for and experience difficult conversational experiences
  • You will learn techniques to be successful and empathetic in difficult conversations
  • You will train and improve your content and the effect of your appearance and voice control
  • You will reflect on your conversation using video and audio analysis